Restoration works



Our metal structure and element restoration service offers a professional and thorough approach to the restoration of metal structures. Whether it’s an antique metal bridge, a historic building element or other industrial structural elements, we specialize in preserving their original design and integrity.

Our experienced metal specialists perform comprehensive restoration work, including thorough cleaning, corrosion prevention, paint restoration, and replacement of damaged or worn parts. We use modern technologies and traditional methods to ensure high quality and long-term durability.

By entrusting us with the restoration of your metal structures and elements, you can be sure that your object will be restored with precision and respect for its history, leaving the challenging imprints of time in the past.

Areas of activity: removal of dirt, removal of oxides and corrosion products, stabilization, correction of deformation, removal of paint and subsequent layers, renovation, reproduction, patination, protection.

Renovations: the before picture

Renovations: the after picture